LIving your most epic life…

"To the outside world, I am an ordinary artist, but in truth, I use my art to empower others to discover their purpose and follow their dreams. Now is the time to live the epic lives for which we each were born."



Origin Story

Zybrena began drawing at the age of 4 in Dallas, Texas. It seemed she was always armed with a pencil in hand, and her parents immediately recognized her passion and extraordinary skill in art. Upon moving to Atlanta, Georgia, they began devoting every possible resource to Zybrena's dream of becoming a professional artist. She acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia and then furthered her education at the Milan Art Institute.

Zybrena's collectors consider her an inspirational artist. Having witnessed people she cared for imprisoned by their regrets and unfulfilled lives, she seeks to use her art to empower others to discover their purpose and follow their dreams. Zybrena uses a wide variety of media in her process, stating that "Those who truly pursue their dreams leave no resource untapped." The energetic and epic nature of her work certainly attests to that. Zybrena wishes to evoke an emotional response that gets people excited about their life's journey.

Zybrena's fortress of creativity is hidden behind a bay window in Gilbert, Arizona. She lives with her husband and son who adore her and find her work to be an inspiration in their own lives. Zybrena is very excited about the future. Her travels are constantly taking her to new and exotic places, and she looks forward to being that same inspiration that she is to her family to others across the globe.